The best EVPs/Ghost Voices & disembodied voices from our various investigations.

Below you will find the absolute best EVPs we have captured from our years of investigations. We have made every effort to ensure that these are all real EVPs or disembodied voices.

Many of these EVPs have been captured during official investigations with the East Tennessee Paranormal Research Society.

Some interesting things we have noticed about EVPs and you may want to listen for are as follows:

Old South Pittsburg Hospital in South Pittsburg, TN

You can watch a video of these EVPs if you prefer here:

Casey - A little girl who died at the hospital at age 5 is believed to still reside there. We believe based on other communications and EMF readings that Casey had attached to investigator Texas and was following her around the hospital. Texas saw a note which said not to move a stuffed animal pig, that it was Casey's pig, but the pig was missing. Texas asked, "Casey, do you have a pig down here somewhere, honey", and immediately we get a response in a child's voice which we believe to be Casey. We believe she says, "I don't know". I heard this in real time with my RT-EVP audio recorder. There were no living children present. There were only the 3 of us investigators on the whole floor, and the hospital is closed to everyone except for paranormal investigators. Oh, and by the way, our team did find the missing pig in another part of the hospital later. We put it back where it belonged.

Dictionary Mode - One of the investigators turned on a device which says, "dictionary mode" when it comes on. Right after, we received a rather creepy sounding EVP which repeats it. This was heard in real time with my RT-EVP recorder, so I immediately comment on it and make sure noone there had said, "Dictionary Mode".

Chlora, Bang, Moan - This is a short section of audio in which many things happened.. The first thing that happens is we get an EVP which sounds to me like, "Chlora".. then, there is some sort of weird laugh like sound in the middle of Drew saying, "I don't know what they would be dispensing...", then comes three loud bangs which weren't heard in the room with our ears, then a moan sound is heard in the room as a dis-embodied voice (or I guess perhaps a disembodied moan in this case).. after it is heard, we all start asking what the heck it was. (It is best to listen to this with headphones.. the moan is clearly there, but can be hard to hear without headphones. It immediately proceeds Drew saying, "What the hell was that".

Bunches of EVPs back to back - This is actually a segment of audio with a lot of strange stuff in it. It starts off with a quite loud connect sound. Then, the first EVP says extremely clearly in a female voice, "Did this door open before?", and then an EVP of "You ought to put that picture back", then an EVP of, "uh oh", then some weird sounds which sounds like the ghost is on drugs or something, then an EVP of, "walk downstairs", then an EVP of, "picture", then something that sounds like, "hmm, hmm, hmm". Sometimes EVPs just come in really strong all at once.. this is one of those cases. This happened when we were walking down a hall, and we weren't saying anything luckily, so we didn't talk over any of these EVPs.

Several EVPs together - This is another section of audio where we got 3 really good EVPs right together. After investigator Texas says, "This is probably the washer and dryer", saying it looked like that is where they would go looking at the hookups, and then comes an EVP response in a female voice of, "Just one is all we see".. I don't know what this means, there wasn't a washer or a dryer there any more.. are they seeing it like it was, and so they are seeing a washer or a dryer there still? Then comes an EVP which says, "Good thing about that coffee", and then Drew says, "See, this looks like a dispensary", and then comes an EVP in a female voice which says, "dispensary".

I'm homeless now - I wonder if this is a residual, or if he means that his actual home doesn't exist any more or something?

I'm gonna have to be well to stand up to you - Sounds like something you might hear in a hospital.. I wonder if this one is a residual.. it is a very long EVP as EVPs go. Please note that this comes in very slightly under someone talking, someone says, "Yeah" a couple of times, but it really doesn't affect the EVP.

Did you whistle? Yes sir - I had whistled, something I really shouldn't have done on an investigation, I just wasn't thinking, and another investigator asked if I whistled.. I said yes, and then got an EVP which said, "Yes sir".. not sure why he said sir instead of ma'am, though, since it was a lady asking the question.

Melissa's here - There weren't any living Melissa's there.

Martha - Randy says, "That was Martha's office down that way", and Drew replies, "Oh, the smoking nurse", and then comes an EVP in what sounds like an older ladies voice which says, "Martha". Martha died in the hospital during her shift.

Check it out, a movie ticket - This is a really strange one. Either a residual, or there are movie tickets in the afterlife.

Your hospital image is on the line - Recorded in an administration office of the hospital. I'm guessing this is a residual. Really clear.

Not here - We were in the chapel, and Texas said she was going to move the K2 around a little bit, and we get this EVP response which says, "Not here".

Cold down here - In the chapel, I say, "brrr, it's cold", and I get an EVP in a female voice back which says, "Cold down here". (Seems to be the same spirit as the above EVP which says, "not here").

Pass the turkey - That's hardly fair.. the ghosts got to eat turkey? I would have loved some turkey. lol In all seriousness, likely a residual.

That's blinding me - We had some bright infrared lights being set up, and some unseen entity was aparently bothered by the lights, and says, "That's blinding me". We were using a puck in the room, which said "supper" which is the computer-like voice you hear.

Get your stuff together - Tia was talking to us over a walkie talkie from another part of the building, and says, "ok, well, we're still getting our stuff together..." and then comes a rather obnoxious sounding EVP over top of her talking saying, "Get your stuff together."

Let's go see Tina - We had just gotten a walkie-talkie call from Tia, who was in a different part of the building. She really goes by either Tia or Tina. After the call, Randy said, "It's Tia", and then comes an EVP response of, "Let's go see Tina".

Let's play - We were doing the Raggedy Ann session, and the Ovilus had said "floor", so Texas thought maybe the spirit wanted her to get on the floor to play with the doll. She said, "I'm gonna sit down on the cold floor with you", then Drew says, "it's not too cold", then Texas says, "Here we go, I'm on the floor", and then comes the EVP, "Let's play". It's a little hard to hear the 'lets' part, but 'play' sounds quite clear to me. It does not sound like a little girls voice, though.. really rather creepy sounding. [Note: There is some debate on this capture. One of the members of ETPRS thinks this is investigator Texas who says it, although Texas says it definitely wasn't her saying it. Presented for you to decide yourself.]

Schizophrenic - We were in Millie's room. Millie was a schizophrenic patient who is believed to still be stuck in the room even in the afterlife. We were attempting to communicate with her. Drew asked, "So, was she here as a rehab patient, or in a psych." I said, "psych", and someone, I suppose Millie, chimed in with the word 'schizophrenic', I suppose telling us specifically why she was there.

Help me breathe - Seems to be 2 EVPs here, one louder in a female voice which seems to say, "Help me beathe", and another in a whisper voice which sounds to me like, "She's a mess". We got these EVPs right after leaving Millie's room on the 3rd floor.

Ohh, my leg is cramped - Probably a residual, unless ghosts gets cramps.

Can you take one of these in for me? Thank you - No idea what this EVP is regarding, but is sure is a long one.

Homeless, blind and tired - In the later years of this hospital, it was mostly for people who couldn't pay for their care, so this EVP makes sense. Likely a residual. Recorded in the basement.

Bijou Theater in downtown Knoxville, TN:

You can watch a video of these EVPs if you prefer here:

I wish we could do that - This EVP was obtained on the 4th floor. I'm not sure what she is saying she wishes she could do.

Get Back! and Get Back! - Two different "Get Back!" EVPs from the Bijou.

The police are coming back... Get outta here... they're pointing at me! - This EVP was obtained on the 4th floor room where previously the General died (Brigadier William P Sanders). (The last EVP [the one about "they're pointing at me"] is coming in under some human speech that is totally garbled by the EVP.) It appears they mistook us as plain clothed police and when I pointed in the room to point out the generals room I scared one of them half to death (err.. I guess they are already dead. lol). We were carrying flashlights, an infrared temperature sensing gun that looks a lot like a handgun, and audio recorders and camcorders which could be mistaken as weapons by entities from long ago.

The Shower's Cold - This EVP was obtained on the 4th floor. This file contains 2 EVPs, the 2nd one seems to be response to the first. The first one says, "This time let's take a quick shower", and then comes the response, "The shower's cold". We think this may be a residual haunting in that the voices from long ago are repeating, but they weren't necessarily still there. (There isn't a shower located in that room any more, but there was at one time.) There was 9 seconds of dead time between the 1st and 2nd EVP, but some of the dead time has been removed.

Call Paige.. Adrian too? Ya'll stay.. pretty please - This EVP was recorded on the 1st floor in the auditorium. It seems be 3 young girl spirits and seems to say, "Call Paige... Adrian, too? ... Ya'll stay... Pretty please". You will hear a little talking in the background by living people.

About time! Help me! - This EVP was obtained in a small utility room in the basement. Note that there are a couple of distinct connect sounds before this EVP.

Let me come out - I think this EVP is the same spirit as the one above. This EVP came in 36 seconds after the above one in the same small utility room. (By the way, this EVP has a slight chuckle at the end. I was standing next to another investigator and chuckled about something. This EVP came in in the middle of us talking.)

They call me Gritch - I said, "Anybody in here with us" and 34 seconds later came this EVP, "They call me Gritch". He seems to be giving us his (nick)name. There is a static sounding disconnect sound after he says it. Note that gritch is a portmanteau of "gripe" and "bitch", so he may be a complainer. Recorded in a small utility room in the basement. (NOTE: In this audio file, you will hear me ask if anyone is in there with us, and the reply, but some of the 34 seconds of "dead time" has been removed.)

He won't come out there - Obtained when I was trying to get a picture of the general. I say, "Come on ghost, get in the picture", and then the response, "He won't come out there". (I was in the room the General died in.)

Squeaky Window - Adam and I were on the 2nd floor in the ladies restroom. There were no living ladies in the restroom. In the restroom is a frosted window, and I commented, "A frosted window", and immediately after came this EVP in a female voice, "Squeaky window".

Hell No - Robert Allen says, "Is there someone here who would like to communicate with us", and then comes the extremely clear immediate response, "Hell No". EVP response amplified. - 4th floor

Michael Dunn - I say, "Are you still with us", and get a response which appears to be the spirits name, "Michael Dunn". (EVP response played normally, and then again amplified.)

Connie put something on you - I suppose thing can be taken 2 different ways.. the spirit could be saying that Connie put something on someone else, or she could be saying to Connie, "Put something on you", as in put some clothes on.

Don't vote.. don't YOU vote - I'm guessing someone did something the other thought was dumb, so he said, "Don't vote", and then the other one responded back, "Don't YOU vote".

First corner pot goes in here Intersting.. perhaps a residual from back in the hotel days when they were getting ready to put plants in the corners of the rooms.

Help Her - Sounds like it's being said over a PA system or something.

He probably won't want to talk to me - Spirit seems to say, "He probably won't want to talk to me", and then there is also another EVP which overlaps it which seems to say, "I'm happy" in a whisper voice.

How'd it go? - This came in when we were getting ready to leave the Bijou.. seems to be asking, "how'd it go?"

Is Katy Bell an option? - This could be a residual from the bordello asking the john if she would be acceptable, or perhaps asking if she was an option for a play.

It's, it's not good - I am asking the spirits to light the lights on a K2 meter to show me they are there. I say that it is one of the ways we can communicate with them. The EVP then comes in, "It's, it's not good". I then say, "I hear that", and I get the EVP response, "Do ya?". When I said, "I hear that", it was in response to something else.. I'm not sure what at this point, but I did not hear the voice in real time. I think the spirit took me saying it as being in response to what he said, though, and so he responded, "Do ya?".

One liners - Rather out of the blue, but very clear.

One more seat - Probably a residual in the auditorium.

Please help me - Please help me EVP in a female voice.

Shoot, it's not for a second - Some other investigators were getting some good K2 readings, and I wanted to put my K2 in the area also to see if both of them would be reading the same results, so I said, "Don't mind me, I'm just going to put mine right in this area also for a second", and then we got the EVP response, "Shoot, it's not for a second" in a clear male voice. I believe this is an EVP which transforms a voice in the room to say what he wants to say, in this case, my voice.. So, the "Shoot, it's not for a second" wasn't said by me, but it sounds like my voice in a lower tone, and then when it is done, I am still in mid-sentence since the first part of my sentence was converted into the EVP. (Spirits seem to have to use existing sounds in the room to communicate, be it from white noise (which audio recorders inherently have), or a voice, etc.) After this happeend, the activity went away completely. I think I ran the spirit off, and when he said, "shoot, it's not for a second" he was saying that he was getting tired of playing.

Shoot it's not for a second [EVP only]

We must get in line.. Somebody get in the line - Probably a residual of some people going to see a show. 2 EVPs, first a male voice says, "We must get in line", and then a female voice says, "Somebody get in the line".

Tell me your name.. I'm Fred - Randy asked for the spirit to tell him his name, and he did.

What the hell.. what the hell is that? - No idea what this entity was seeing, but something sure caught his attention!

Whom do you believe in? - This is 2 EVPs, the first one seems to say, "You don't, you don't seem to be immune to demons", and then the 2nd one seems to say, "Whom do you believe in?" Certainly a bit creepy.

Wipe them stairs - Probably a residual telling someone to clean the stairs.

You got us all groovy

You must have a look.. get your wife a rock. - Male EVP voice, "You must have a look", female EVP voice, "Get your wife a rock". A rock? Are they talking about a cocaine rock I wonder? Or, perhaps selling a diamond rock?

You're dead - One spirit informing another they are dead it seems. Played as recorded, and then again cleaned.

You summoned me to the room - Perhaps a residual from the hotel days of the bell boy speaking?

You wanna hang around us? You'll be king - I wonder if they were talking to me? Hard to say, very interesting EVP.

You want back here under the stairs - When I was talking to Marshall about getting a little bit of a K2 response, I immediately got an EVP which seems to tell me where I need to go. EVP response repeated a few times at the end of the clip.

I love you

Go back to that block, Suzie - Not sure what block she is referring to, but this sounds very clear.

I'm Young - Don't try to tell her she's old!

These EVPs were recorded at a very haunted house in Rogersville, TN:

You can watch a video of these EVPs if you prefer here:

I need some lovin'... I guess she has gotten lonely over the years. I say, "Is there anything that you would like to tell me, and she responds, "I need some lovin'."
I need some lovin'

I say, "Speak in right here, please", and get the response, "Hey.. he learned a trick." Not sure what she means by that exactly.
Hey, he learned a trick.

Right after we got out of the car I received this EVP. Keep in mind that the area we were in is an area where a lot of illegal activities seem to be going on, arson is rampant, we were told you get shot at if you try to walk to the buildings across the street and many murders have happened. The EVP says, "Get out of the hostile area".
Get out of the hostile area

These 3 EVPs from 3 different spirits came in back to back. It is amazing how clear the first one is, especially. Sometimes EVPs come in super loud and clear, such as in this case. No time has been removed, all of these came in this close together:
I'm getting cranky... look behind you... you doin' alright

Mom, leave it - Seems to be a child spirit telling his mother to leave something.

This EVP was caught by a fellow East Tennessee Paranormal Society investigator Tracy Franklin's recorder when we were at the same location. This is so totally bizzare we really have no idea what happened. The only theory that we have been able to come up with sounds like we are completely off our rocker. If anyone can come up with a better explaination, we would love to hear it. Unfortunately the evidence we have examined for hours leaves no room for anything prosaic or within our realm of understanding to have happened.

When you listen to this clip, you will hear the following:

Anthony (living person):"Who are these people, they're here to help us"
Voice from Anthony's recorder:"I want them to suffer, I hate people"
EVP Start:"bump thump bump"
Girl's voice for rhyme"Micka Nicka High Nicka Hiney Hiney Lo - NO! - shit - Micka Nicka High Nicka Hiney"
Over Micka Nicka - deep male voice"Who here will help them?"
Over the whisper of the end of Nicka Hiney - deep voice"They're here to stay"
Donna (living)"They're here to help."

In the EVP a girl says "Micka-Nicka-Hi-Nicka-Hiney-Hiney-Lo". As soon as she does this, another entity screams, "NO!" then whispers "Shit". Then, the young girl spirit apparently whispers, "Micka-nicka-hi-nicka-hiney" again softly in defiance as children often do.

OK, that part seems rather straight forward, but there is more to it that just does not make any sense. The first part is Anthony playing an EVP he got earlier. He says he thinks it says "Who are these people, they're here to help us". But when he plays it it really seems to say "I want them to suffer, I hate people". At this point the EVP cuts in loud and clear, with both the Micka Nicka rhyme as well as the low deep voice. It appears that the deep voice is saying that what Anthony said his recording was saying was wrong, with a taunting "Who here will help them?", then a "They're here to stay", and having to yell NO (and possibly "shit") to the little girl who was saying the rhyme over him. Now if this is not bizzare enough, the really bizzare part is that the entire EVP from the "bump thump bump" through the "They're here to stay" got inserted into the recording. That is, we had another audio recorder AND a video recorder running at the same time, and when we play the same sections of those recorders, not only do neither have the EVP, but the 10 seconds that the EVP lasts is not there either! The same section of audio from another recorder is posted below as well, and the section with the EVP is 10 seconds longer. How this can happen is absolutely beyond our understanding. The ONLY explaination we can think of is as follows. If you can come up with a better idea, we would love to hear it.

Anthony is saying that this recording he made says that we are here to help, but it really says something quite different "I want them to suffer, I hate people". Then, we theorize that an entity (most likely a demon we believe), actually ported the recorder to another dimension, and was taunting us saying "Who here will them?", and "They're to stay". However a spirit of a little girl was in that dimension as well, and immediately said in the ported recorder the "Micka Nicka Hi" rhyme, whereas the demon said NO! and shit, then finished what he was wanting to say, then ported it back to the same time and place it was taken. This theory is supported somewhat by the occupants of the house reporting ports of items very often (disappearing, then reappearing), by the absolutely loud and clear nature of the EVP (recorder was in their dimension) and by the fact that the end of the girl's rhyme was abruptly cut off once the demon said what he wanted, and presumably ported the recorder back. If this is what happened then it tells us a lot about shifting dimensions. First, that something like a recorder CAN continue operating normally in another dimension. Second that either time rates are different between the dimensions, or it is possible to port back to the time it was taken when returning an item.

One other thing to note is that within a couple of hours of this happening with the recorder, and the demon saying, "Who here will help them.. they're here to stay", we did the prayer (listed in the Rogersville investigation section) and asked for the light so those spirits that wanted to could leave. We didn't hear from this demon at all during that time, so we think he was bound while the others were allowed to go to the light. So, it's rather funny that he was mocking us with, "Who here will help them, they're here to stay" and then within a couple of hours at least many of those he was holding captive had left by going to the light. We were told by the homeowners that after we left that night that things were flying around all over the place, aparently the demon was really mad.

The same time from another recorder

Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville, KY

5:40 - Robert Allen, myself, and a few other investigators were sitting in a circle in a room asking various questons, and then waiting for responses. Robert asked if the spirits could give us the time. We got an EVP response back, "5:40". The response was correct, it was approximately 5:40 am.

Big Ed's Pizza in Oak Ridge, TN

Ghostly laugh

The following are from cemeteries:

These first cemetery EVPs were obtained in the Concord Cemetary on April 28th, 2007.

You can watch a video of these EVPs if you prefer here:

Back in April of 2007, I was with someone named Cindy who proclaimed herself to be a psychic, although I don't really believe she was. She wanted to go with me to a cemetary and see if we could get some recordings. She kept saying that the spirits were wanting to pass through her, telling me not to walk in certain spots because the spirits wouldn't like it, and telling me what the spirits were saying (although what she said they said never showed up as any EVPs). Anyway, the spirits didn't seem to care for what she was saying. Below are the EVPs from that day.

That's his girlfriend, let's help him - Apparently the spirit thought she was my girlfriend, but she was not.

Where did he and Cindy go? - Aparently one of them had lost track of us and was wondering where we had gone.

Know you hear us.. we'll see.. die! - They really didn't seem to care for Cindy. Cindy proclaimed her abilities to hear spirit voices without a recorder on a regular basis, so perhaps this is what the spirits are referring to.

Unh Uh, don't tell him that! - Cindy says, "Another one who wants to pass through me", and immediately the clear EVP response of, "Unh Uh, Don't tell him that".

The following EVP was recorded at the Old Concord cemetery in Farragut, Tennessee.

I'm right here - I recorded this EVP at the Old Concord cemetery in Farragut, Tennessee (right outside of Knoxville) on January 8th, 2005. I read a tomb stone and then asked, "You still here Winfrey or have you left?". I then get the response "I'm right here". (Not the clearest EVP ever, but still quite good, and great in terms of context. EVP response amplified.)

These 2 EVPs were recorded at the Loudon Memorial Gardens Cemetary on January 15th, 2005:
Give me my book


The following EVP seems to be mocking me. It is not the clearest EVP, but it is in the section because of how it is repeating what I say and doing it in a mocking way. It is heavily cleaned to make it easier to hear. I say, "The first question I'd like to ask is, what is your name", and then I get the mocking response of, "My first question is, what is your name (with the word name drawn out), and then 12 seconds later, an EVP of, "What now".
What is your name?

I recorded this EVP at the First Presbyterian Church Cemetery in downtown Knoxville (on Gay Street). I read a tombstone which said that Sarah was buried there, so I said, "Tell us something about yourself, Sarah". Then, a response which I believe says, "I'm waiting". I actually heard this response in real time. I had the recorder up next to my right ear, and I heard the EVP whispered into my right ear (and the recorder). (So, really, this is a recording of a disembodied voice instead of a traditional EVP.) After the whisper in my ear, I comment, "That was weird, I thought I actually heard something with my own ears, like a whispering." I was really surprised as soon as this happened. The whispering was just like a live person walked up and whispered in my right ear. If my eyes had been shut I would have thought it was a living person whispering in my ear. This EVP was recorded on February 25th, 2006.
I'm waiting

TMG in Sweetwater, TN:

That's my light - This came in the HVAC room when playing back the orb for me to review. Looks like he is taking an interest in the video that Marshall caught of him and his light. EVP comes in at the end of the audio clip as a clear whisper voice. Really cool since it is a verification from the spirit that they are indeed looking at him.

Set off the big red gun - Probably a residual.. TMG was a military academy at one time, and we were told they did have a big red canon.

Why not - The investigator, Tesa, said taking a picture, and got an EVP response back, "Why not".

Hiwassee College

Soundbooth - Came just as we were leaving the soundbooth next to the chapel tower

What the f***.. waaaa - This EVP is a bit vulgar, but it is a very good, clear EVP. Just not one to play for the kiddos. No idea what he was going on about, though. Came in over top of human speech.

North Knoxville House:

Take my picture - I say, "I guess I should take some snapshot pictures, and get this EVP response, "Take my picture".

Private residence in South Knoxville:

Dad took my pillow - Marshall Dudley asked, "Is there anybody in here who'd like to speek to me", and got a very strange response of, "Dad took my pillow". An etheric pillow, or maybe a residual?

Somebody tell Michael it's ok

Brenda - Marshall Dudley asks, "What is your name" and gets a direct EVP response back, "Brenda".

Sevier County Wedding Chappel

They've not cleaned - We think this is likely a residual EVP since the place was claned up. It comes in quite loud and clear as "They've not cleaned".

Can we go back? - Seems to say "Can we go back", in a child's voice, and then possibly a response which sounds something like, "I'm at work right now".

Thirteen - Donna has asked how many rooms there were, and the lady was counting them. This apprears between the lady saying eleven and twelve. The spirit gave the total before the lady did!

Harriman home investigation

Here comes Minnie

Church Hill Investigation

You got that light bulb? - Strange.. noone needed or talked about a light bulb among the living.

Who has the doll? - There were dolls at the paricular investigation. I don't know if there was an etheric doll as well, or if perhaps this was a residual?

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